Sunday 23 October 2011

MarkLogic/XCC/HttpClient: Connecting to an XDBC Application Server using HttpClient

This was written purely out of curiosity rather than anything else - pasted below in case it's of any interest to others. Written with HttpClient 4.1.2 in mind:

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Scala: Example of heirarchical sorting by distinct values

Here's a brief example of how scala can be used to sort using groupBy and mapValues:

In this context, bear in mind that sorted will return values sorted alphabetically - but you probably get the idea...

Thursday 6 October 2011

MarkLogic/Apache HttpClient: POSTing form data containing characters with diacritics

If you're using httpClient and you want to configure it to accept diacritic characters, you'll need to add an extra line of config: