Wednesday 27 July 2011

Linux: ruby/libxcc bindings - configuring and testing

Outlined below are the steps for installing and configuring libxcc:

And some example usage:

MarkLogic: in-mem-update example

A template example showing the use of the in-mem-update library (shipped with MarkLogic):

MarkLogic: Search API - sort order template

A very brief template outlining a possible approach for a date range sort order (this example works on the premise that the range index is present on the element specified)

MarkLogic: Search API - removing facet constraints using XQuery and xdmp:set

This is some partial code outlining an approach for removing facet constrints from a query string. Thanks to David Cassel for suggesting the use of xdmp:set to maintain state throughout the process.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Git: Specify Master Branch on git pull

In place of git pull --rebase, set this: