Thursday 7 April 2011

MarkLogic: Sending and Receiving XML Content over HTTP

A fairly common requirement for an application built on MarkLogic Server could be to:

1. Wrap up content in an XML element and send it to a web service
2. On receipt, extract it from the request-body for further processing (insert, validate, transform etc)

To encode the XML element for transmission, you can use a combination of the right content-type options for xdmp:http-post (or xdmp:http-put) and xdmp:quote the element data:

For the service receiving the data, you use a combination of xdmp:unquote and xdmp:quote to extract the element from the request-body, but bear in mind that unquote will return a document-element. This can be easily resolved by switching the the first node() in the document like so:

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