Tuesday 3 August 2010

MarkLogic: XQuery: Safely converting xs:doubles to fully expanded values

A safe way to expand values represented in scientific notation:

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Dena said...

I am presently restricting the admin to a specific view, but need to restrict a pseudo admin to view only certain parts of a parge.

Presently, I have the below statement, but need to add another admin that has more restrictions that the super user admin.

declare function add()
if (user:is-admin()) then {
xdmp:log(text{"Deleting category:",xdmp:get-request-field("category")}),
xqmvc:redirect(xqmvc";oml('category', 'manage')))
else _not-authorized('/category/delete', 'Category Delete','')

I would like to remove the ability of delete from the pseudo admin. I am confused as to what type of user I need to create in my Mark Logic admin interface for (user:is-admin())