Thursday 25 March 2010

MarkLogic: Loading and using XML Schemas (Part Two : Schema Aware XQuery)

Now the schema is loaded into MarkLogic, here are some rough notes on handling the "Schema Aware" facets of the server. Again, this information is pulled together from various MarkMail posts and a bit of trial and error:

Executing this should return the element. It should be noted that the formatted example, all the tags appear with lower-case element names. These will need to be changed back if you're following with the example schema and code.

To prove that the content is being validated against the schema, changing the date to something nonsensical (add a couple of random characters in, for example), should yield something like this:

[1.0-ml] XDMP-VALIDATEBADTYPE: (err:XQDY0027) validate strict { $input } -- Invalid node type: emp:DateOfBirth lexical value "2006-05-0ss4" invalid for expected type #xs:date at /emp:Employees/emp:Employee/emp:DateOfBirth using schema "rdl.xsd"

Namespace Prefixed Example

This example may be more useful if you're dealing with elements whose content comes from multiple namespaces:


Henry Funk said...
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Henry Funk said...

I have been trying to validate a few documents, including that in the MarkLogic tutorial "Using XML Schema with MarkLogic Server", but still without any luck. Must namespaces,
namespace bindings and schema bindings be set up on the server for validation to work?