Friday 6 February 2009

FlexUnit and IntelliJ

Here are my notes regarding creating a flex project in IntelliJ and configuring it to work with FlexUnit:

- Create a new Flex project, give it a name and uncheck 'create html wrapper' and 'Create HelloWorld form'

- Create a bin folder in your project and place FlexUnit.swc in /bin

- Go to module settings > Modules > Dependencies and select 'Add' (I opted for Single-Entry Module Library). Browse to the FlexUnit.swc in the bin folder and check the 'Export' checkbox when it appears in the list.

compiler-config.xml should look like this:

And in the /src folder, you'll need to create a file called TestRunner.mxml:

Right click and Run (or use Shift + F10). If all is good, you should see an empty FlexUnit shell.

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