Friday 20 February 2009

XCode - iPhone SDK - CoreGraphics Library issue

If you're creating an iPhone app and want to use the CoreGraphics framework (and you're having trouble finding it anywhere), it seems to be located in:

You can also try this (and check to make sure it's set as a target):

- expand Targets in Xcode
- double click on you app
- select general tab
- in the bottom left corner click "+"
- scroll through the list and select "CoreGraphics.framework"


If you're getting build errors that start with _GG, try:

1) XCode Menu: ->Project -> Edit Active Target
2) Select Build Tab
3) Find "Framework Search Paths" under Search Paths section
4) Double Click to Edit
5) Delete all lines.
6) Rebuild Project


This fix worked for me.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Merging SVN Repositories using

Note on syntax for

Deleting .svn folders from a project

Useful tip(s):

Thanks to: for the original posting on this

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Friday 6 February 2009

FlexUnit and IntelliJ

Here are my notes regarding creating a flex project in IntelliJ and configuring it to work with FlexUnit:

- Create a new Flex project, give it a name and uncheck 'create html wrapper' and 'Create HelloWorld form'

- Create a bin folder in your project and place FlexUnit.swc in /bin

- Go to module settings > Modules > Dependencies and select 'Add' (I opted for Single-Entry Module Library). Browse to the FlexUnit.swc in the bin folder and check the 'Export' checkbox when it appears in the list.

compiler-config.xml should look like this:

And in the /src folder, you'll need to create a file called TestRunner.mxml:

Right click and Run (or use Shift + F10). If all is good, you should see an empty FlexUnit shell.