Friday 9 May 2008

Orbeon: Resolving Parameters to Load an XML Instance

Ok, so these are my notes regarding our method for getting Orbeon to load an instance based on some parameters that were sent to the XForm. This posting follows on from where my previous post left off:

In the model declaration of view.xhtml, I've created two minimal instances:

I'm also adding this piece in - as discussed in the last post - this resolves the get parameters and stores the information in the instance, so you can access the parameters using XPath:

We're initialising two ev:events; these fire at different times but both should have fired by the time the XForm has been rendered onscreen:

As the form loads, xforms-model-construct-done should fire first; xforms-ready should fire soon after that.

So here's the code for the first submission:

And here's similar code for the second submission - for the sake of example here, I'm using 2 parameters when calling this one...

Hope this helps someone.

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