Saturday 12 April 2008

Using Orbeon with a "plain" theme

I've just noticed that you can load any orbeon forms with the following parameter:


To load the page without the Orbeon banner and navigation.

You can also make modifications to epilogue-servlet.xpl to create a case for specific pages. For example, I've created a page called xforms-submit and I want to load that page using the plain theme (theme-plain.xsl). Editing /config/epilogue-servlet.xpl (on line 56 in v 3.6.0) and adding this rule:

Achieves the desired effect.

So after adding this, my line looks like this:


Arun Batchu said...

Alex, This was very useful. You make Orbeon rock! Thanks

Alex Bleasdale said...

Aww - thanks, Arun :) Although the Orbeon developers (and all the people who help out on the forum) really should take the credit for making Orbeon rock!