Thursday 14 February 2008

Deploying eXist 1.2 with the (Chiba) XFormsFilter

I had already installed eXist 1.2 and wanted to configure the chiba XFormsFilter - here are my notes for what I did to get the ant build script to work:

'wget' the jars you need for ant and junit and put them somewhere.

Set a few classpaths (I needed to do this in order to get things to work)

cd into the folder (e.g. /[YOUR_EXIST_BASE_DIR]/tools/XFormsFilter)


ant -f build.xml build

And let it do it's stuff... Once that was done, I then copied the web.xml file into eXists WEB-INF folder (see the README file in the XFormsFilter doc folder for info).

Will do some more testing and maybe add more notes later..

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Using Saxon 9, Eclipse and Ant

I found this article whilst searching for a way to get Saxon 9 to step in and take control of xslt transforms inside Ant tasks:

The method outlined by Michael Kay looked like it was written for the commercial version of Saxon (SA).

Here's what I did to get Saxon 9B (the sourceforge edition) to work inside an ant task: