Sunday 10 June 2007

Mp3 Playback in Java

Setting this up took a while and I can't really be sure exactly what I did to get all the things working; if I ever do a clean install, I'll try and document the process. Here's a very quick outline before I post the code -

I grabbed all the jars from here:
And grabbed the mp3 handler here:

The jars you'll need to drop into eclipse are (I think):

Here were some other links I found handy:

Just a prewarning:
I kept getting errors that looked like this -
Unable to handle format: mpeglayer3, 44100.0 Hz, 16-bit, Stereo,
LittleEndian, Signed, 16000.0 frame rate, FrameSize=32768 bits
Failed to realize:
Error: Unable to realize
Failed to realize: input media not supported: mpeglayer3 audio

If you keep seeing these, try a number of different mp3 files; I had to try 3 before I had something working. I found testing the mp3 files using jmstudio was a reliable way to test - if jmstudio can open and play the file automatically, then it should work fine with the code listed below.

You can see a forum discussion regarding some of the common problems here:

A common alternative to the sun offering seems to be:

Ok - if everything is set up and appears to be working, you can try some of these classes. I found the original examples by looking around on forums, but had to make some changes to get them to work completely.

The simplest example I could find of a java class able to play an mp3 file:

Another example I found in a few forums used this code as a base:

I had to make a few modifications to get the code to work. Here is the class:

To test the class, I created a calling class called TestPlayMp3Thread:

Hope this is useful for someone else.


Unknown said...

This helped me alot, thank you very much

chandrasekhar's said...

sorry sir i tried several times and gave much of mp3 but it says same..